What can I do?

Motion Graphics

I can turn your idea into an engaging animated video story. I will write a script and help to visualise it with a nice storyboard. I do corporate animation, visual effects, video explainers, or advertising motion graphics, for any kind of channels like tv, internet, social media or events.

Graphic Design and Illustration

I will create graphics to help your business grow. I delivery all kind of bespoke creativities, like logos, illustrations, infographics, poster, banners, flyers and social media content.


I have professional photography equipment. I love to take travel photos, and I enjoy capturing natural style photos of babies, families or couples. I do also any kind of corporate or branding photoshoots to help your business grow.

Video Production

I edit, grade and film all kind of professional videos. I will also work with professional recording studios to add the best voice over, music and sound effects to your video.

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